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Welcome to TONYRAKA Art Lounge, a family-ran business and a growing creative community who are devoted to the innovation and engagement in the art of living.


Our mission for The Art Lounge is to expand the boundaries of art. For the Balinese, art is part of the everyday, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Art is not confined to the white walls and polished floors of the gallery space. By drawing on this philosophy, we created a space where art, culture and food are not separated, but are engaged harmoniously.

The TONYRAKA Art Gallery was established in 1997 and held its first exhibition in 2003. Situated amongst a rich on-site garden, the gallery is home to an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional art and artefacts from around the world.


Our mission is to not only offer delicious Balinese-inspired meals, but to provide an inclusive space that promotes diverse art forms by marrying art, design, and lifestyle. The Art Lounge is a space for families, for artists and creatives a like.


The TONYRAKA Art Lounge aims to provide a stylish and laid back culinary experience with a fresh interpretation of Modern Balinese cuisine, combined with traditional family recipes. Visitors can experience delicious, locally sourced food while being surrounded by Balinese history and unique artworks from the family’s vast collection.


By showcasing a mixture of contemporary and traditional art, patrons can gain insight of the timeless nature of the Balinese art and culture, as the past informs the present and the present informs the future.


The Art Lounge’s thoughtful hospitality, politeness and excellent customer service reflects the attentive reputation of Balinese people and culture. Members of the family are always present in the Art Lounge, serving guests and chatting with visitors.


The Art Lounge exercises the secular circle of the Dharma practice. With four generations living together in harmony, they each pass on traditional values of the Dharma practice to the younger generation.

Enjoy our creations! 

Tony Hartawan


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The Modern Contemporary and Traditional Tribal Art Around Indonesia and Artist from around the globe that we have displayed in the Art lounge such as; Fx Harsono, Made Wianta , Nyoman Erawan, Yani Mariani, Kristyan Stjerne, Dae Cho Park, Angnieszka Rudnicka and more..


Some exquisite and rare pieces including Dayak Pole from the Island of Borneo, Hand carved doors from Timor Island and a seven hundred years old ceramic pots discovered in a shipwreck from the bottom of the Indian Ocean of Sung Dynasty.


For questions or more information contact us at:

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